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M&A Consulting

High-Value, Results-Driven
M&A Consulting Expertise 

Buy or sell side, our expertise ensures the success of your deal.

Because we have executed and led numerous business turnarounds, we’ve learned not only what to look for, but where to look to identify the hidden process-centric and technical problems that less experienced teams often miss.

Even better, this experience has prepared us to develop business and technology solutions tailored to quickly solve and resolve these problems for the business. We implement these solutions through to success, thereby mitigating the risks and maximizing the value of each transaction.

Be it on the buy or sell side, we are an independent third-party that verifies that no technical or business process "surprises" are either overlooked or obfuscated by other M&A diligence.

We protect and enhance the value of your M&A deal.

Mitigate the risks + maximize the value. 


On the Buy Side: 

We conduct rigorous technical readiness evaluations and business process due diligence to ensure your investment is prudent and protected. We give you a clear line of sight to the remedies required and costs you are likely to incur in order to achieve the plans you use in estimating your ROI.

On the Sell Side: 

We will find the problems hidden in your business operations and technology stack that will put the value of your deal at risk. We triage and prepare your sales, marketing, business operations, and other teams and help you implement the plans to optimize them; allowing you to justify and increase your valuation. We can help you implement your improvement plan, so you can get there faster with less internal disruption. 

Through experience, we've honed the "rapid clean up skills" that help you ensure the highest possible return. If you need a "tiger team" to evaluate, develop, and execute a risk mitigation plan for an M&A deal, we are that team.

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