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Run your enterprise effectively and efficiently


Run your business with seamlessly harmonized processes and data


Increase your efficiency by...

Most companies implement processes and technology as they grow, adopting a patched framework of solutions that focuses on one problem at the time.

If you truly integrate talent, technology and processes you can recover 90% of your cost and increase you profitability.

Integrate your technology

From discovery to launch and then into sustainment, we integrate ERP with CRM, BI and other enterprise solutions. We implement solutions with business operations in mind, groom your processes and ensure your business goals drive every implementation choice.


Boost your processes

After an external audit, periodically, in relation to an M&A activity, or because an immediate turnaround is needed; we help enterprises optimize the alignment of their technology tools and business processes to increase productivity and achieve corporate goals.


Augment your talent

We augment your business operations teams. Whether for business elasticity or as a gap-filler when you have personnel in transition, our SMEs can run with the team for a season and keep the business humming while you find the ideal permanent candidate.



 OPTEUS is next generation business consulting 


Which one looks like your company operates?

Get the very best of over a hundred man-years of modern business operations experience consolidated into a highly effective business consulting methodology. From best practices and lessons learned to proven experience and business wisdom, we’ve condensed it all together into our Next Generation Business Consulting approach.


​Our Next Generation Business Consulting is a smart, efficient and effective solutions-oriented methodology that challenges traditional consulting practices. We combine the best SCRUM and KANBAN methodologies with expertise, and tailor our approach to best fit each client's unique business challenges and budget. We conduct due diligence and discovery processes in a way that saves you both time and money.

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