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From 1:many, to 1:you

One to many -> One to one -> One to you - and exactly you.

In doing my daily AI reading, I’ve come across this generic message. Dozens of times; almost as if AI was in fact writing the article; “in the fast paced world of [insert here topic], artificial intelligence is increasing the efficiency of operations by eliminating [insert here name of repetitive task].”

A computer chip for AI
GenAI is powerful, and can help us redefine how we do our work.

Beyond automation and handling mundane repetitive tasks, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a most fascinating technology with potential that goes far beyond automating how we do things. It can help us redefine “how” we do things and improve the quality of the work it helps us do. It can even help us re-evaluate and question if we must do things the same way, or at all.

Take for example the use of Generative AI (GenAI) in targeted sales and marketing communications. I’ve read variations of the below claim at least a dozen times (check your spam inbox for proof):

“Our AI technology helps you identify the prospects that are most likely to respond to your marketing campaign; and automatically queue them to receive your message, at the right time.”

The claim above assumes that one piece of collateral, created in advance by the marketing team, will be sent to an identified market segment (1 to many) when the targets within have met a series of triggers and requirements, or “raised their hand”.

This barely qualifies as “AI”, but it sure looks cool in a marketing blurb.

What if instead:

  • The cohort market was dynamically identified by data analysis; in a form of reversed SEO.

  • The trigger to send was unique to each individual in the dynamic cohort. (One to one)

  • The piece of collateral material was generated on demand, and Prompt Engineering was used to tailor the image, message and call to action to the specific prospect and moment in time? (One to exactly you, and at the right time)

What if instead the recommendation from the AI powered CRM was -

  • “Do not send the marketing campaign to Nelson.

  • Call him on his cell at 6:40PM. There is a 90% probability he’ll pick up the phone if you unblock your cell number.

  • That time works because he is likely taking a break before his 7:00PM mastermind call, which he enjoys.”

If you are raising your eyebrow and whispering “whaaat?”, I was there too; but the above is a doable do, and real scenario. It takes vision and also technical know-how to move the technology and corporate users in this direction. Companies that want to go beyond the surface of AI are doing this and more today.

Emerging technology has to cross the chasm and the early adopters pave the way. We have get singles and doubles before we get to triples and HRs. Thanks to the early adopters for proving that AI can eliminate the need to do repetitive tasks! That said, let’s get beyond using a sledge hammer to drive finishing nails.

For sales and marketing, AI can certainly eliminate the old practice of broadcasting (spraying), refine narrowcasting, and replace them both with an approach two levels deep into “solocasting”, where we truly meet the unique and individual buyer where and when they are ready to act.

As we move to adopt the use of AI, let’s avoid limiting ours businesses to the blinding infatuation with “AI will do the repetitive tasks better” and use this opportunity and time to also re-define how and why we do things at all. This is a moment of opportunity like few before.

What other example can you see in your vertical?

  • Maybe training or academic courses tailored to the individual student and learning capacity?

  • Maybe medical protocol instructions unique to the patient’s medical history and present condition?

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