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Supercharge B2B Sales Teams with GenAI

When evaluating new technologies, strategic business planners tend to think about the "long game". What is the best technology that we'll need in two years? In three years?

Spoiler alert - It will not look like anything they are evaluating today.

I'm not sure what is the exact parallel to Moore's Law here, but current technology life-cycles (TLCs) are running their course at such pace, that waiting for the "perfect" strategic technology fit is forfeiting capabilities business teams can use to generate revenue today in hopes that a better technology and return on investment is realized tomorrow.

Generative AI (GenAI) is clearly accelerating business growth. If your corporation is not, or at least considering the use of GenAI , you are losing not only strategically, but tactical "edge" to your competition.

In its present form, and with the help of some savvy UI/UX adaptations, GenAI provides tactical capabilities that can supercharge your sales team, and as by-product, free competed and overworked marketing that work at a different cadence and can focus on more strategic initiatives.

Eliminate resource constraints generating quality content on demand.

Here is the scenario - one of your B2B sales professionals is prospecting a top-tier account, and asks the marketing team to create a custom piece of collateral, presentation or dedicated landing page on their website in order to prosecute the new account.

The answer to the request is preceded by a plethora of questions:

  • When are we going to close them?

  • Why do you need this now; can't this wait?

  • Do we really have a chance?

  • Who have you spoken on their senior team?

All of these questions precede the delivery current normalized answer: not now, and certainly not today.

The truth is, this is not any specific team or individual's fault. This is a function of limited capacity to properly generate quality content, and packaging it in a way that meets brand guidelines, etc. There are just not enough resources to get this done to meet the timeframe in which it is needed; and thus - it doesn't get done, and the sales professional is left to their devices to fend off and prospect with the resources that were available before the ask.

GenAI is a friend of sales
GenAI can supercharge your sales team!

GenAI alleviates or eliminates altogether the capacity restriction, allowing your sales professionals to get the tools that they need, when they need them without compromising product quality.

GenAI refers to the subset of artificial intelligence technologies that can generate new content, from written text to audio, images and beyond, virtually immediately and packaged for immediate delivery with minimal post-production. GenAI is available in many forms and is ready to empower B2B sales professionals today (when you need the help).

Here’s how generative AI is becoming a game-changer for B2B sales professionals in resource-limited corporations.

Personalized Content at Scale

One of the most significant advantages of generative AI is its ability to create personalized content quickly and efficiently. In B2B sales, the ability to tailor communication to each prospect is crucial. Generative AI can analyze data points about potential clients and generate custom emails, reports, and presentations that speak directly to their needs and pain points. This level of personalization, which would be time-consuming and costly to achieve manually, can now be scaled up, allowing sales teams to reach more prospects with messaging that resonates.

Enhanced Lead Generation

Lead generation is often a resource-intensive process, but generative AI can streamline it by identifying and targeting the most promising leads. Take for example 6sense, by analyzing vast amounts of data, AI algorithms can predict which businesses are most likely to be interested in a corporation's products or services. This means that sales professionals can focus their efforts on the leads with the highest conversion potential, improving efficiency and increasing the chances of success.

Improved Sales Proposals

Crafting compelling sales proposals is an art that requires a deep understanding of the client's business and industry. Take a Moonbeam for example, their GenAI can assist by aggregating relevant data, market analysis, and competitive insights to create customized proposals that hit the mark. By automating the research and drafting processes, sales professionals can produce high-quality proposals faster, allowing them to respond to opportunities with agility.

Training and Coaching

For B2B sales teams, continuous learning and improvement are vital. GenAI tools like Fuel For Thought's can facilitate on-demand training and coaching by creating personalized learning materials and simulations based on individual performance data. This targeted approach to professional development ensures that sales professionals are equipped with the latest strategies and techniques to excel in their roles.

Competitive Intelligence

Staying ahead of the competition is crucial in B2B sales. Generative AI can monitor industry trends, track competitor activity, and provide real-time insights that sales teams can use to refine their approach. With access to up-to-date competitive intelligence, sales professionals can anticipate market shifts and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Real-Time Assistance

Generative AI can act as a virtual assistant, providing sales professionals with real-time information and support during customer interactions. Whether it’s answering complex product questions, providing pricing information, or suggesting the next best action, AI can enhance the salesperson's capabilities, leading to more productive conversations and better outcomes.

For B2B sales professionals in corporations with limited marketing resources, generative AI is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. By automating and enhancing various aspects of the sales process, AI allows sales teams to do more with less, driving efficiency, personalization, and ultimately, revenue growth. As GenAI continues to evolve, its role in empowering sales professionals will only become more significant.

Embracing GenAI is a strategic move that can level the playing field for resource-constrained corporations. By integrating AI into their sales processes, these businesses can compete with larger players, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and carve out a strong position in the marketplace. The future of B2B sales is intelligent, and for forward-thinking sales teams, the time to harness the power of GenAI is now.

Remember that "perfect is the enemy of good enough", and GenAI is way past good enough today.

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